Make Memories

How It Works

Choose a Piece

Salty Dog Pottery offers a selection of more than a hundred different pieces of pottery, ready for you to paint and glaze.

Plan Your Design

Salty Dog Pottery has dozens of glazes and acrylics, stencils, pencils and stamps. Browse America's favorite DIY website, Pinterest, for inspiration.

Create Your Masterpiece

You can do it all on your own, or you can ask any one of our staff for help bringing your vision to life. Acrylic pieces can go home the same day. Glazed masterpieces will be ready for pickup in 5-7 Days. WE SHIP TOO!

What It Costs

Our pottery price is all inclusive! Prices listed on each piece of pottery includes your studio time, paint/glaze supplies, the firing of your glazed pieces and the return of your artwork masterpieces!

Plan Your Visit

Walk-ins are welcome. For larger groups of 6 and more, a reservation is necessary to ensure we can accommodate your group.

On Vacation?

We ship! Prices are based on the size and weight of your pieces. We recommend you visit us on the front end of your vacation to give us time to fire your glazed pieces.

Pick up

You may pick up you pieces from 11-5pm on operating days. Please be aware of seasonal changes.

Last Call

Painter must arrive at least one hour before closing. When we do not have painters in studio, we may close an hour early to spend time with our families.